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"Our sales department was going through a turbulent time that required a change within the organization towards a more productive culture. We looked around for a person who would be both motivator and a trainer; and individual that sales team would look up for help in achieving the planned business targets at that time. We selected Nalaka and his remarkable program 'Awakening the Leader Within'. The program is excellent ; Nalaka delivered the program in a professional and practical manner that greatly helped the sales team to achieve their objectives."
Kenneth Kamulegeya, Director, Coca Cola
"The most notable feature of this program is Nalaka's ability to relate to any given situation in a very simple manner and to get the attention of the participants very early. Almost immediately there is no distance between him and the participants who openly share their experiences with him. Also, his client follow-up following the workshop is most commendable. Nalaka is a very customer focused trainer whose preparation includes getting to know his client's problems at first hand. This allows him to tailor-make programs according to the needs of the situation."
Greg Sullivan, Director, Unilever
"Fabulous program. It brings out the true and correct focus one needs to maintain throughout a person's life. This program has been well designed and conducted in a way that every staff member from top to bottom of our organization was able to understand."
Chris Fernando, Director, IBM

“Executive Summit our company conducted with the theme of ‘Awakening the Leader Within’ has been a resounding success.  Some Key takeaways have been that the content, activities and practical business solutions have been applied to transform the organization from within.  Stated objective is to become a Level 7 Organization in 3-5 years and we believe the necessary groundwork has been laid to create such a transfromation.”

Bimmy Dhanapala, CFO, Pogosyan Corporation

   Glendale, CA

"I love Art of Winning Program because it is a holistic self leadership program that provides individual the specific skill & knowledge to reinforce their inner self strength with confidence & helps to achieve their goals through leadership transformation. It is a inspirational program which has sharpen my skill set to achieve a different height in my leadership style."

Den Chiew Fung, Global Director Quality,

Esqel Enterprises Limited, Hong Kong.                

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